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Vol 8, No 4 (2011): Open Issue

Featuring a special debate section, with Colin Bennett, Pris Regan, John Gilliom, danah boyd and Felix Stalder discussing Bennet's essay, In Defence of Privacy.

The debate can also be downloaded as a single file here.

Table of Contents


The Politics of Transparency and Surveillance in Post-Reunification Germany Abstract PDF
Stefan Sperling 396-412
Surveillant staring: Race and the everyday surveillance of South Asian women after 9/11 Abstract PDF
Rachel L Finn 413-426
Surveillance Cinema: Narrative between Technology and Politics Abstract PDF
Catherine Zimmer 427-440
Digital Panopticism and organizational power Abstract PDF
Jesper Taekke 441-454
A Conceptual Legal Framework for privacy, accountability and transparency in visual surveillance systems. Abstract PDF
Nick Taylor 455-470
Public-Private Partners Against Crime: Governance, Surveillance and the Limits of Corporate Accountability Abstract PDF
Karin Svedberg Helgesson 471-484

Review Articles

In Defense of Privacy: The Concept and the Regime Abstract PDF
Colin J Bennett 485-496
Response to Bennett: Also in Defense of Privacy Abstract PDF
Priscilla M Regan 497-499
A Response to Bennett's 'In Defence of Privacy' Abstract PDF
John Gilliom 500-504
Dear Voyeur, Meet Flâneur… Sincerely, Social Media Abstract PDF
danah boyd 505-507
Autonomy beyond Privacy? A Rejoinder to Colin Bennett Abstract PDF
Felix Stalder 508-512
In Further Defence of Privacy Abstract PDF
Colin J Bennett 513-516

Opinion / Research Notes

The Surveillant Simulation of War: Entertainment and Surveillance in the 21st Century Abstract PDF
Matthew Cousineau 517-522
The political economy of surveillance in the (wannabe) global city Abstract PDF
Gemma Galdon Clavell 523-526
The camera never lies, or does it? The dangers of taking CCTV surveillance at face value and the importance of human factors Abstract PDF
Alex Stedmon 527-534

Book Reviews

Review of Pugliese’s Biometrics: Bodies, Technologies, Biopolitics PDF
Benjamin John Muller 535-536
Review of Monahan's Surveillance in TIme of Insecurity PDF
David J Phillips 537-538
Review of Hier's Panoptic Dreams PDF
Stephane Leman-Langlois 539-540
Review of Nissenbaum's Privacy in Context PDF
Colin J Bennett 541-543
Review of Haggerty and Samatas's Surveillance and Democracy PDF
Pete Fussey 544-546
Review of Weir & Mykhalovskiy's Global Public Health Vigilence PDF
Daniel Trottier 547-548
Review of Deane's Big Brother Watch PDF
Keith Spiller 549-550

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