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Volume 5: Issue 3




Special Issue:

Surveillance and Inequality

Editors: Torin Monahan and Jill Fisher

Torin Monahan

Editorial: Surveillance and Inequality

Craig Willse

“Universal Data Elements,” or the Biopolitical Life of Homeless Populations

Alison Marie Kenner

Securing the Elderly Body: Dementia, Surveillance, and the Politics of “Aging in Place”

Marta Mourão Kanashiro Surveillance Cameras in Brazil: exclusion, mobility regulation, and the new meanings of security
Joe Doherty, Volker Busch-Geertsema, Vita Karpuskiene, Jukka Korhonen, Eoin O’Sullivan, Ingrid Sahlin, Antonio Tosi, Agostino Petrillo and Julia Wygnańska

Homelessness and Exclusion: Regulating public space in European Cities

Robert Pallitro and Josiah Heyman Theorizing Cross-Border Mobility: Surveillance, Security and Identity
Sarah Wiebe

Re-Thinking Citizenship: (Un)Healthy Bodies and the Canadian Border

Book Reviews  

Jonas Hagmann, Don Stuart, Ivan Szekely and David S. Wall

Ceyhan’s Identifier et Surveiller, Posner and Vermeule’s Terror in the Balance, Henriques’ Corporate Truth, Balkin et al.’s Cybercrime


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