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Special Issue:

The Politics of CCTV in Europe and Beyond

edited by Clive Norris, Mike McCahill and David Wood

Clive Norris, Mike McCahill and David Wood The Growth of CCTV: a global perspective on the international diffusion of video surveillance in publicly accessible space
Conceptualising CCTV
Heather Cameron CCTV and (In)dividuation
Francisco Klauser A Comparison of the Impact of Protective and Preservative Video Surveillance on Urban Territoriality: the case of Switzerland
Christoph Müller and Daniel Boos Zurich Main Railway Station: A Typology of Public CCTV Systems
Lucas Introna and David Wood Picturing Algorithmic Surveillance: The Politics of Facial Recognition Systems
Hille Koskela Webcams, TV Shows and Mobile phones: Empowering Exhibitionism
Governance and Regulation
Marianne L. Gras The Legal Regulation of CCTV in Europe
William R. Webster The Diffusion, Regulation and Governance of Closed-Circuit Television in the UK
Pete Fussey New Labour and New Surveillance:
Theoretical and Political Ramifications of CCTV Implementation in the UK
Caoilfhionn Gallagher CCTV and Human Rights: the Fish and the Bicycle? An Examination of Peck V. United Kingdom (2003) 36 E.H.R.R. 41
Roy Coleman Reclaiming the Streets: Closed Circuit Television, Neoliberalism and the Mystification of Social Divisions in Liverpool, UK
Adam Sutton and Dean Wilson Open-Street CCTV in Australia: The Politics of Resistance and Expansion

Case Studies

Frank Helten and Bernd Fischer Reactive Attention: Video Surveillance in Berlin Shopping Malls
Heidi Mork Lomell Targeting the Unwanted: Video Surveillance and Categorical Exclusion in Oslo, Norway
Emmanuel Martinais and Christophe Bétin
Social Aspects of CCTV in France: the Case of the City Centre of Lyons
Gavin J.D. Smith Behind the Screens: Examining Constructions of Deviance and Informal Practices among CCTV Control Room Operators in the UK 
Ann Rudinow Sætnan, Heidi Mork Lomell and Carsten Wiecek Controlling CCTV in Public Spaces: Is Privacy the (Only) Issue? Reflections on Norwegian and Danish Observations
Jean Ruegg, Valérie November and Francisco Klauser CCTV, Risk Management and Regulation Mechanisms in Publicly-Used Places: a Discussion Based on Swiss Examples
Mark Cole Signage and Surveillance: Interrogating the Textual Context of CCTV in the UK
Vibeke Jørgensen The Apple of the Eye: Parents’ Use of Webcams in a Danish Day Nursery
Dietmar Kammerer Video Surveillance in Hollywood Movies

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